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Upload Fasta File:



If you would like your fasta header to be broken up into its constituent parts, enable this option. The header will be split based on the delimiter selection above.
Sometimes programs do not correctly parse whitespaces and will truncate your headers. To avoid this, check this box to enable automatic collapse of whitespaces in your fasta headers.

Converting or downloading to CSV

When converting or downloading fasta to csv, the input must consist of a header beginning with ">" , followed by the name of the header. The following line must be the sequence corresponding to that header.

Often people want to encode multiple types of information in their headers, if you have a header with multiple columns of information then you may select the appropriate delimiter in the delimiter setting. The header will be broken up into its constituent parts. For example:

>4xB001_03-05-2014_British Columbia_ACUTE
will become:
4xB00103-05-2014British ColumbiaACUTE
The line following the header must be a sequence of (ATCG) or extended mixture base pairs (R,Y,K,M,S,W,B,H,D,V,N, or :) or '-' for gaps. Sequences may span multiple lines for a given header, or they may be one line.

Converting or downloading to Fasta

The input must be in tab-delimited format or comma-delimited format, with the last column being the sequence. It is easiest to have your data in excel, and directly copy and paste from there (excluding headers). All columns prior to the last will be concatenated into the header for that sequence in the fasta file. For example:

4xB001 03-05-2014 Canada ACUTE CCCGTGCGAAATA
4xB002 01-10-2014 Australia ACUTE CTGACTCTAGAGG
will become:
depending on which delimiter you choose. Your fasta header will be joined using the delimiter selected in the delimiter setting. In this case it is joined using the underscore.