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This tool converts certain cellranger output csv files into a distance matrix file using tcr-dist which is compatible with the distance matrix visualizer. Additionally, clones files can be directly uploaded as long as they contain all of the following fields -> [cdr3a, cdr3b, va_genes, vb_genes, epitope, subject, clone_id]

To use this tool, please upload the two files below which cellranger outputs, or a clones file, both in the tsv format.
You can configure how you recieve data, or if your file is forwarded to the visualizer in the Output Options section.

The max individual filesize is 50MB, if this is too small for you please contact the server administrator and it can likely be increased.

Input Options:



Human Mouse

Output Options:

After generating distance matrix:

If filesize is too large (~18MB), defaults to downloading file.