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DNA Translator

Translate one or more lines of DNA sequence[s] into their corresponding amino acids


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A codon (3 nucleotide DNA sequence) can sometimes contain mixtures. Any codon containing said mixture nucleotides could potentially resolve into multiple amino acids. For example the codon 'ARR' contains two mixture nucleotides 'R' and one 'A'.'R' means that the nucleotide is both an 'A' and a 'G'. This means that the codon has four possible resolutions: AAA, AAG, AGA, and AGG. AAA and AAG encode the same amino acid Lysine (K), while AGA and AGG encode the same amino acid Arginine (R). So the translation of any of these codons can result in only two different amino acids. This is called a non-synonymous resolution, where a codon can resolve into more than one amino acid. The inverse is a synonymous resolution in which a codon may contain a mixture, but all potentials resolve to the same amino acid. Below, you may choose how you wish to deal with mixture nucleotides in your output.

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Reading Frame

*Note that reading frames 2 and 3 will not translate the last codon if the sequence is divisible by 3